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Each exhibitor will have to enter online. Families with multiple exhibitors will need to complete the online entry process for each exhibitor individually. Entry fee is $35 per head (limit 2 head per market show). 

If a family has multiple exhibitors they will have to create an account for both exhibitors and complete the entry process for each exhibitor. 

Late entries will be accepted from December 2, 2022 - January 6, 2023 for $100.00!
Exhibitors may enter on the day of arrival for each division for $250.00.  On arrival day the late entry link for that species will become active. 

CEAs & AST will approve the students entered under their chapter/club. Entries must be approved by CEAs & AST by December 8th at midnight.  

How to Approve Entries:

1.       Go to:

2.       Login as a club (Your password will be the same that you used last year or for San Angelo)

3.       Select “Go to my account”

4.       Select “ Approve entries made under this club”

5.       You will see all the exhibitors and entries made under your club.

6.       To approve the entry – select the box under the “approved” column and select save changes at the bottom.

7.       Approved entries will turn green on your profile once approved.

PREVIOUS HDGS EXHIBITORS: Exhibitor information has been transferred over in the system if they have shown at the Hill District Grandstand previously. You will select the "I have previously registered this year" and sign in with your name and password used previously.
DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT if you forget your password. Please reset your password using the reset feature on the site or contact us at!​



Enter the HDGS Entry Portal Online!

Link is at the bottom of this page!


Sign In

Select the "Sign In" button located on the top right of your screen. If your family has more than one exhibitor you will need to go through the entry process for each exhibitor. 


Select "exhibitor" from the drop down menu. 

Enter exhibitor first & last name.

If you showed at the Hill District Grandstand in a previous year:
Select "I have previously registered this year"
Enter your password that you selected last year. 
FORGOT password? Complete the reset password option or email us at

If this is your 1st time showing at the Hill District Grandstand:

Select "I am a new exhibitor or have yet to register this year" option. 

*If you have already created an account and are logging back in use the password that you set when creating your account

*If you are entering an Ag Mechanics team, select the toggle button to the top left of the Sign-in box.  



Add/Update Exhibitor Information

Input the following required information for the exhibitor and select the continue button at the bottom.

If you showed last year your information should be saved -- please edit the information to be correct or select the "Information is Correct, Continue"  if none of your information has changed 



Add Entries

Select the department, division, and club/county you would like to make an entry in. Then select "add entry to cart"


Add Entries or Check-out

If you would like to add another entry like the one you just made (example you want to enter 2 market lambs). Select "Add similar Entry"


If you would like to add an entry in a different division (example you want to enter a breeding gilt). Select "Add different Entry"


You have entered all your entries and you are ready to continue to the check out process. Select "Continue"



Review your Entry Cart

Please review your cart to make sure that you have all your entries entered correctly. There are no grounds or gate passes needed. 

If your entries look correct, select "check-out"

If you need to to add more entries, select "Add more entries"



Enter your credit card information and complete the payment portion to pay for your entries. 



Receipt & Complete your  Entry

Once you complete your entries a detailed receipt of your entries will come up on your scree, along with Completed! We strongly recommend that you print this receipt and keep for your records. You are not required to submit this to us.

You cannot go back into the online entry system to make changes once you have checked out.

If you find a mistake once you have submitted entries, please email with your issue and a good contact number. However, you will be able to go back into the system and add additional entries once you have submitted your initial entries (you will have two different receipts), but again, revisions cannot be made to what was previously submitted.

Questions/Issues: please email with your contact number and questions/issue and a committee member will call you.

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